Objectives of Curriculum

Our curriculum is child-based which is planned based on the developmental needs and learning characteristics of our children. Besides, it matches the life experiences of our children and it is featured by sensory exploration and fun. Learning with a child-centered course, we expect our children to grow with a healthy body, hold positive values, enjoy interpersonal interaction, and become a curious and imaginative person.

Theme-Based Teaching

Teaching activities are designed based on the age and life experiences of our children, different teaching materials, environment layout, outdoor visit, and computer soft-wares are used to provide opportunities for our students to practice their learning in class. All students share the same learning theme every year regardless of their grades, with their accumulated knowledge, it increases the understanding of our students step by step.

Project Learning

Project learning allows our students to have a deeper understanding on particular topics, to construct their own knowledge, to develop different skills, and to cultivate positive attitudes. Learning topics are designed based on life experiences of our students, their abilities and interest. The learning process of our children is more emphasized than learning outcomes, our students will experience different learning activities in project learning, including information collection, integration, analysis, discussion, and reflection. It is aimed that the entire learning process is driven by our children rather than our teachers.

Life Education

Using Rainbow Children’s Life Education, which is a famous life education course from Taiwan, as the course skeleton, the course content is designed from four perspectives: “people and their own”, “people and one another”, “people and environment”, and “people and life”. It is expected to nurture our students to develop 14 life qualities, including self-confidence, self-esteem, courage, acceptance, care, respect, cooperation, integrity, appreciation, cherishing, contingency, vision, perseverance, and tolerance. In addition with the environment layout, seasonal activity, case counseling, and family visit, we aim to cultivate our students to have positive values, understand the meaning of life, and build a strong base for future development.